It is a natural beach resort framed by beautiful natural areas that include coral reefs, cays and more...
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Calderitas is located 8 km. from Chetumal and its beautiful blue beaches plus its archaeological site make it the perfect place to visit.

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What to do in the surrounding area?


In addition to the fresh fish and seafood you will find to delight your palate, you can experiment with dishes of Belizean influence, such as rice and beans, a recipe that has been adapted by Chetumaleños; ball cheese or seafood empanadas, made with dough and chaya; special Huay Pix crabs, coconut tamales and fish pil pil made with a gravy made with honey and garlic, a special recipe from the southern Mexican Caribbean.

Oxtankah Archaeological Zone.

It is the largest and most important pre-Hispanic city that has been discovered in the bay of Chetumal. The first Mayan groups settled in Oxtankah around 600 BC, remaining there until 1100 AD. During this period, there were three moments of high population density: Late Preclassic (300-50 B.C.), Early Classic (250-600 A.D.) and Late-Terminal Classic (600-900 A.D.).

Tamalcab Island.

Tamalcab Island is approximately 8-9 kilometers long and a few hundred meters wide and you can find it just 15 minutes from Chetumal. Among its atypical fauna are spider monkeys, tepezcuintles, badgers, herons, ospreys and in case you didn’t know, it also has Mayan vestiges.


 If you like to explore, along the Bahia boulevard you will find small restaurants, bars and nightclubs open from 10 p.m.; the nights in a Caribbean city always have good proposals.

Bahia Boulevard

The iconic Bahia Boulevard surrounds the Bay of Chetumal, being the perfect setting to admire the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the Mexican Caribbean, explore it on foot or by bicycle.

Museum of Mayan Culture

It is one of the most important museographic precincts of the Mayan civilization in Mexico. This museum shows the way of life, daily life and architectural grandeur of the Mayan culture, as well as its calendar system and cosmovision.

Payo Obispo Zoo

Here you will find a collection of more than 50 species of an average of 200 specimens, with safe facilities and trained staff. You can interact with some of the animals, go horseback riding and rappel.

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Mayan Train - Chetumal Station

The project corresponds to one of the seven sections of the Tren Maya. Together with the Chetumal-Tulum section. You should know that the transfer of the Mayan Train with the Chetumal airport is located in the fragment number six, composed of the following stations:

  • Tulum Airport
    Felipe Carrillo Puerto
    Chetumal Airport.

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Among the lagoons surrounding Chetumal are the Guerrero, Milagros and Xul-Há lagoons. Considered a Manatee Sanctuary.


Bacalar or Laguna de los Siete Colores, is a lagoon located in the state of Quintana Roo...


It is known for its well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port. The main building is a large stone structure called El Castillo, which stands on top of a rocky cliff above the white sandy beaches and turquoise sea.

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